Disaster Recovery

Damage from a storm

Langford Community Management Services (LCMS) specializes in disaster recovery grants that meet the needs of recovering Texas communities. We are intricately familiar with federal disaster programs including General Land Office disaster recovery funds, Texas Department of Agriculture State Urgent Need funds, Hazard Mitigation Funds through the Texas Department of Emergency Management, Natural Resource Conservation Services Watershed Protection Grants, as well as others and combinations of the above. When disaster strikes your community, federal recovery grants to states and local governments can make the difference between recovery and years of economic struggles. Enlisting the assistance of a disaster recovery expert can increase the speed of your recovery efforts immeasurably. LCMS exceeds at piecing together the puzzle of funding for disaster programs. LCMS, in its role as a leading disaster recovery consulting organization in Texas with extensive experience with FEMA, Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grants, are your advocates and will work together with you to expedite and maximize your financial recovery.

Flooded home